How to use fire glass

Commonly, fire glass is an upgrade to replace old burnt and outdated gas logs or lava rocks in your propane or natural gas fueled fire pit or open hearth fireplace.

If you have a pre-manufactured fireplace or fire pit, we always recommend checking with the manufacturer to ensure you can use fire glass.

Unlike traditional fire wood, fire glass won’t produce flames on its own.

You need to have a gas fuel source.

Installing the fire glass is as easy and pouring your fire glass over your burner.

Make sure you have proper ventilation.

If you're using your fire glass in a fire place, make sure your chimney flue is fully opened.

Turn on your gas slowly and safely light the gas with a match or a spark ignition system.

Now that your fire is lit, feel free to set the mood by either turning your gas up for an epic spectacular of dancing flames, or low for those times that call for some smooth jazz.

Before you start your project be sure to take before and after pic’s! You’re Duraflame Fireglass pics are sure to get a ton of likes for your Duraflame fire glass post.

Remember, fire glass is non-combustible, does not leave ashes to clean, and will last a lifetime.

This video is intended for illustrative purposes only. American Fire Glass assumes no liability for any damage to personal property or physical injury. We always recommend having your installation completed by a licensed or certified contractor. It is also recommended to check with local building codes and regulation before starting any installations.

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