What is Fire Glass

Duraflame Fire glass is specifically engineered glass for use in natural gas or propane open hearth fire places and fire pits. With Duraflame Fire Glass, you’re able to transform your fire feature and obscure unsightly gas pipes and burners at the same time.

What’s even better, is that fire glass is great to use both indoors and outdoors!

With proper installation, fire glass can last for years! It is important to remember that Duraflame Fire Glass is non-combustible and will not create flames, so you will need to have a gas fuel source.

You might be asking yourself… Why can’t I just use some old glass bottles or that broken window from Johnny’s baseball incident? Well, ordinary broken glass should never be used in a fire place or fire pit, as it could generate soot and toxic smoke.

Not all glass is created equally!

Duraflame fire glass is made from high quality fire glass specifically engineered to handle high temperatures within a fire feature, it will not discolor over time, and burns clean without any smoke or toxic fumes. The glass is non-tumbled and is guaranteed not to pop, melt or discolor when used properly.

Duraflame Fire glass is offered in two styles, traditional crushed Fireglass and Fireglass 2.0. Fireglass 2.0 is the new generation of fire glass, bringing the perfect combination of a larger size, uniform cuboid shape, polished multi-sided flame reflections, and the smooth geometrical appearance.

It’s unique composition and manufacturing process allows it to withstand the high temperatures without burning, discoloring or melting.

From cool evenings indoors by the fireplace or outdoor fire pit get together, Duraflame fire glass is the perfect addition to your fire place or fire pit.

This video is intended for illustrative purposes only. American Fire Glass assumes no liability for any damage to personal property or physical injury. We always recommend having your installation completed by a licensed or certified contractor. It is also recommended to check with local building codes and regulation before starting any installations.

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