What is fire glass?

Fire glass is tempered glass that is designed for use in fire places and fire pits. Fire glass adds color, vibrancy and reflections to fire features. It is manufactured to tolerate extreme temperatures without burning, discoloring or melting. Fire glass does not create toxic fumes, smoke, soot or ash.

Can we use fire glass in both natural gas and propane fueled fireplaces?

Yes! Fire glass can be used with both propane and natural gas fire features. Just make sure you are using a ½” glass or larger for propane!

Do we need a special fireplace to use fire glass?

No! You can use fire glass in almost any vented fireplace that has a gas burner outlet. However, you may not be able to modify an insert/pre-manufactured fireplace, per the manufacturer’s recommendations. We ask that you contact your fire place manufacturer before making modifications to your fire place.

How much fire glass do I need for my fire place / fire pit?

The amount of fire glass needed depends on your application and dimensions. We have created an easy to use online fire glass calculator to help you determine the required amounts for your project. Just take your measurements and enter them into the calculator, and it will do the rest. If you are still unsure about the amount of glass needed, feel free to contact us. (888)264-1017

Does fire glass get dirty?

Yes. Like any other household item, fire glass can build up dust and soot. If and when your fire glass becomes dirty, you can effortlessly wash the fire glass in a solution of distilled water and vinegar.

How to long does fire glass last?

With proper installation and use, fire glass can last a life time.

How thick a layer of fire glass do you recommend?

You should at least fill the floor of your fire feature. The fire glass should bury the pipes and other plumbing for best results. We highly recommend using 2”-4” inch layer of fire glass; this ensures the best visual and flame results.

Can we use fire glass in an outdoor fire pit?

Yes! Duraflame fire glass if perfect to use in an outdoor fire pit application. You can even mix different colors of fire glass to match your outdoor décor style. We recommend contacting your fire pit manufacturer to ensure fire glass is compatible with your fire pit.

Do I need to call a professional to install fire glass?

Fire glass is a great DIY project. Keep in mind with some burner system you might seek out professional help. We recommend checking out www.nficerified.org to find a local certified installer if you are not comfortable completing the project by yourself.

Do I need glass doors or screens in my fire place?

Glass doors and spark screens are not be required when you use fire glass. However, we do recommend them if you have small children or pets running around!

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